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More information

You can look for more information below, or find less information, links to other information, the history of the side, members’ profiles, our dances, our music, our kit, our favourite games, some of our favourite recipes and our contact details on other pages.

Brief history

The hanky dance

Mucky Mountains Morris was founded in 1989. The style of rosettes is based on an old illustration of the dancers from Dilwyn. The significance of the burgundy and green colours is lost in the mists of time. The dancers wear white shirts and black breeches, skirts or culottes at their own preference, but if you look closely you could see the odd pair of trousers tucked into the even odder pair of socks.

St Helens Morris Men were in existence in the 1950s. Morris dancing has a much longer history, and was even referred to by Shakespeare. This is not an educational site, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for some facts.

Mucky Mountains

The Mucky Mountains are the remains of old alkaline waste tips near St Helens and are now famous for locally rare plants which grow there. They are also famous for giving their name to a local morris side.

Sir Thomas Beecham

Sir Thomas Beecham was born in St Helens and is reputed to have said You should try everything once, except incest and morris dancing.

However, the actual quote is You should make a point of trying every experience once, excepting incest and folk-dancing. This was written by Sir Arnold Bax, who was born in London, and quoting a Scotsman, so this quotation has no connection with morris dancing or St Helens. Nobody has ever said that about us!